how to create playlist on soundcloud

How to Create a Playlist on SoundCloud

Hello Folks… Today we will discuss how to create your very own playlist on SoundCloud. Creating and Managing a Playlist is very simple and easy and creating your own SoundCloud playlist will help you to organize your songs in a better way. You can create a playlist on SoundCloud in 3 simple steps.

Nowadays the majority of people use SoundCloud either for hearing their favorite tracks or uploading their own composed songs to SoundCloud and telling the world how beautiful vice they have. Long story short people all over the world use it for different purposes. So if you are one of them and want to learn how a SoundCloud playlist works then you are on a right track.

I think you already know the way to upload songs to the SoundCloud website directly. If you are not aware of it then please read our tutorial here.

The following tutorial is the way to create a playlist on SoundCloud :

Step 1:

When you go to the song upload page you will see the below page. Where you have a check box button… when this button is checked it notify the SoundCloud that user wants to create a playlist. Now click on the “Choose file to upload button”.

how to create playlist on soundcloud
Create Playlist option on soundcloud


Step 2:

Once you mark the Radio button and click on the “Choose File to Upload”. a popup window will appear on your mobile or PC which asks you to select the songs from your hard disk… simply locate them and select the multiple songs so you can make the playlist. Once you select the multiple songs it starts uploading it on soundcloud and after the upload is done. you can edit your playlist on soundcloud.

Step 3:

Once you create the playlist you can edit or delete it. If you don’t have any then create at least one through the above method. After the playlist creation, it will give you the option to make the playlist private or public… private means no one can see your playlist or the songs. public mean people can see and listen to the tracks and share with others.

Hope this simple but detailed post helps you to create a playlist on SoundCloud. Let me know if you have any questions or doubts in your mind. I will be happy to assist you, You can ask your question by commenting below…

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