how to upload songs to soundcloud

How to Upload Song to SoundCloud In Seconds

When it comes to audio streaming online Soundcloud is one of the best websites. Spotify is a good candidate but as you know it is not available globally and is restricted to specific countries. but on the other hand, SoundCloud is available globally no matter which country you live SoundCloud is available for you. SoundCloud has a user-friendly interface and in a few days, you get used to it. Even famous celebrities are using the SoundCloud platform to release their album.

Now you can imagine how popular SoundCloud has become. Anyone from around the globe can make an account and host their own album with ease. We can compose our very own song and upload it to SoundCloud and after that, we can check popularity and check the stats on how many times songs have been listened to.

Like celebrities, not every person can afford to host their website and upload their songs on it. If they even do it they won’t get any exposure because it costs a lot of money. That’s why SoundCloud is the best way for everyone, especially those starting from scratch. SoundCloud is simple and easy to use even newcomers can get quick recognition by the global SoundCloud community. Millions of people use SoundCloud every day and most of them search for new content to listen to. That’s why new artists have higher chances to get famous in no time.

how to upload songs to soundcloud
Upload Songs To SoundCloud


So if you are using SoundCloud first time or have some experience with this but looking for a guide then you are at the right place. So let me teach you how to upload songs to soundcloud quickly and easily.

Follow some steps mentioned below to get started with soundcloud.

Step 1: We have to create a SoundCloud account first if you already have then skip this step or if you don’t then let’s create a soundcloud account first.

login to soundcloud with facebook google

Step 2: at the signup page, you have to create an account to get started on SoundCloud. You can signup through Facebook or google whatever option suits you. choose one of them it’s a quick way to signup on SoundCloud without verifying the email address If you don’t want to use Facebook or Google in that case you can still create an account through your E-mail address.

Step 3: When you finish the signup process Soundcloud will send a confirmation E-mail to your mail address which you use to signup a few minutes ago. Please remember that you have to verify your account in order to use SoundCloud services.

Once you log in to the soundcloud you will see this kind of screen on your PC or mobile.

How to Upload Songs on SoundCloud

So finally we logged in let’s upload our first song on soundcloud. First of all look top right-hand corner of the screen, you will see an upload button.

Click on that button a pop-up screen will appear that asks you to upload a song file from your computer or mobile. You can also upload multiple songs to sounscloud and create a playlist.

now you have 2 options upload an already composed song from your computer or simply record it from your computer/mobile microphone.

Pro Tip:

please don’t forget that after uploading the song on soundcloud give a proper name, the random title can cause a problem and your song’s reach can be greatly reduced.

Another good practice is that after setting up the good title add relevant tags to your songs…

It helps you to reach a higher audience and your songs will appear on search results and it could help you to get more followers on soundcloud.

upload ro soundcloud

The final option is to choose whether your song should be public or private. if you choose public anyone can see and listen to your song on soundcloud.

If you choose private it means no one except you can see and listen to your song on soundcloud.

Also if you want to download songs or playlists from soundcloud you can do it but not all songs are available to download.

Actually, it depends on the author who uploaded the track if he/she disables the download option you cannot download it.

In such cases, you can use the Soundcloud downloader tool.

It is very simple and easy to use all you need to do is paste the song link you want and hit the download button.

After a few seconds, the download will start and you can save it on your pc or mobile. I hope you find this guide helpful Share it with your friends because sharing is caring.

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